The Neo Trio Bulk Beef Stick Bundle: Holy Stick! We did it again. Launched just a year ago, PRIZM Foods has already built an impressive reputation for mouth-watering, succulent halal jerky. Now, one year later we are pleased to announce the launch of our all beef, no bull halal sausage sticks!


Sink your teeth into THREE of the most delicious flavors we have ever produced! 


Neo Trio Combo contains:


  • 1 Bag of Cool Pepper Beef Sticks (100g)
  • 1 Bag of Tropical Heat Beef Sticks (100g)
  • 1 Bag of Hunny Garlic Beef Sticks (100g)


Cool Pepper

The perfect balance of smokey, nutty, and spicy - guaranteed to deliver zesty excitement to even the dullest of times.


Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Sugars (sugar, glucose), Spices, Garlic, Cultured dextrose, Glucono deltalactone, Citric acid,Potassium chloride, Soy protein, Sodium phosphate, Spice extracts, Sodium nitrite, Smoke. Contains: Soy.


Tropical Heat

Really? Are you seriously considering eating this meat-tube of flames? Why? Don't do it. It's wildly spicy and guaranteed to set those taste-buds ablaze.


Ingredients: Beef, Chilies, Spices, Sugars (sugar, Glucono delta lactone, Potassium chloride, Spice extracts, Soy protein, Sodium phosphate, Sodium erythorbate, Sodium nitrite, Smoke. Contains: Soy.


Hunny Garlic

Subtly soft, flavorful, and deliciously sweet honey bliss that'll hit your tongue like a tender ray of sunshine.


Ingredients: Beef, Sugars [sugar, fructose, dextrose,honey powder (cornmaltodextrin, honey), molassespowder (molasses, cornmaltodextrin), glucose], Salt,Roasted garlic, Cultureddextrose, Glucono delta lactone,Modified corn starch. Caramel color. Potassium chloride,Spices, Soy protein, Sodium phosphate, Sodium nitrite,Spice extracts, Smoke. Contains: Soy.


The Neo Trio (Beef Sticks)