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Spicy. Beef. Kebab... in a bag. For the first time ever, enjoy smokey kebab-style jerky made with authentic Arabian spices that send your taste buds on a trip to the Middle East.


Ingredients: Halal beef, Water, Kebab Marinade (Spices, Sugars (corn syrup solids, sugar), Soy sauce powder (soy, wheat, salt, maltodextrin), Salt, Garlic, Modified corn starch, Sodium phosphate (3%), Citric acid, Onion, Sunflower oil), Sugars (sugar), Complete cure salt, Sodium nitrite, White pepper, Smoke.Contains: Soy, Wheat.



Confuse your tastebuds with a contradiction of flavors. Fiery hot red peppers clash with gooey tropical-style sweetness in a tender beef strip. Your tongue won't know what hit it! 


Ingredients: Halal Beef, Water, Sugars (sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup solids), Salt, Chili pepper flakes, Spices, Hydrolyzed soy protein, Caramel colour, Artificial maple flavour, Smoke flavour, Sodium erythorbate, Sodium nitrite, Smoke.Contains: Soy.



You’ve had the chips, but have you had the jerky? Delicious dill delights your palate with notes of sweet citrus and grassy undertones infused into perfectly tender beef strips.


Ingredients: Halal Beef, Water, Sugar, Salt, Herbs, Garlic, Yeast extract, Sodium diacetate, Spice extracts, Spices, Onions, Sodium nitrite, Smoke.



A sweet and tangy flavor, Tokyo Teriyaki delivers a big hit of salty umami from its simple base of soy sauce with added notes of complexity derived from a combination of garlic, ginger and other spices.


Ingredients: Halal Beef, Teriyaki Sauce (GF Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt), Spice Extracts, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder), Reverse Osmosis Water, Seasonings, Sugar, Sodium Nitrate, Maple Smoke.



Sweet and sticky with the perfect combination of smoke and goo-ey honey. Tender through and through, honey jerky is a fan-favorite.


Ingredients: Halal Beef, Local Honey, Reverse Osmosis Water, Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Salt, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein From Soy, Onion, Garlic, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate, Maple Smoke.



Delicious, red-peppery hot, and yet surprisingly complex. Carolina Inferno will burn oh-so-good but not enough to numb away the mouth-watering flavor and aroma. This one will keep you coming back for more.


Ingredients: Halal Beef, Reverse Osmosis Water, Sugar, Corn Syrup Solids, Salt, Hydrolyzed Plant Protein From Soy, Onion, Garlic, Cayenne, Crushed Chili Peppers, Dextrose, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrate, Maple Smoke.



Our meat is locally-sourced, hand-zabiha and halal-certified at the vendor-level. Our vendor is St Helens Meat in the GTA. Their certifications can be found here and here.



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